Lesleyanne’ blog – Part 1

I arrived in Sweden on the 10th of January and stayed the night with a good friend.

The next day was filled with excitement which quickly deteriorated into paranoid madness. It was moving day and I was meant to sign my contract which I was inevitably late for due to the fact I was lugging around 35kg of baggage.

Afterwards I got shipped off in a taxi to my apartment building where I was to be greeted by a friendly fellow student with my keys. However upon arrival I found nothing and no one except the dark cold night. After waiting a few minutes for someone to appear I began questioning the taxi driver and his ability to follow a Sat-Nav. A few minutes passed where I unconvinced myself I had been stranded with all my luggage outside a random apartment building I went for a wander hauling my bags behind me searching to see if I was possibly dropped at the wrong entrance.

After perhaps ten minutes a student living on the same floor as me let me in the building where I had to simply wait for my keys to appear with a person. It took approximately an hour for the floor representative to make an appearance and he sorted everything out from there.

I was finally let into my room after two hours of what felt like unnecessary stress and left to unpack and get settled. Once settled I went to the shops which deserves a whole other post and so it shall receive one. I then spent my night messaging family and friends and watching Netflix.

By Lesleyanne MacKay



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