Lesleyanne’ blog – Part 2

After unpacking I found myself unbelievably hungry after the stress of simply trying to get my keys. The local supermarket is roughly a three minute walk from my building so it was easily found and I began my journey to fill the massive appetite I had managed to work up.

Now shopping is easy enough, you find what you need, put it in the basket, then pay.
Or at least that’s what I thought. Being in Sweden I was expecting the products to be written in Swedish… this only occurred to me as a problem when I realised I would be unable to check the ingredients in the products – I’m vegetarian and so checking that everything was suitable for me to eat became a challenge.

Now I’ve never had to use Google translate for many things before and definitely not while shopping, it was certainly a task. Thankfully not every item needed translating and after far too long I realised I should simply search for the phrase ‘suitable for vegetarians’ which in Swedish is ‘passande for vegetarianer’.

Due to the mass of food I purchased (which led me to return back to the basket area and collect another basket as well as hold items) and my lack of trust in paper bags I morphed into a reject who steals supermarket trolleys. Yes, I stole a trolley for my shopping and walked it all the back to my apartment- just as well too seeing as when I arrived the paper bags were ripped when I made it back.

The next trip to the supermarket will be less time consuming due to the Google translate app I downloaded which has become a life saver which I’ve come to rely on too much.

By Lesleyanne MacKay




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