Lesleyanne’ blog – Part 3

So I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I’ve been procrastinating a lot… like A LOT.

My first month here has been pretty comfortable, I haven’t done all that much exploring which is something that needs to change, I’ve mostly went to classes and binge watched programmes on Netflix.

Classes have been really fun so far and not too challenging. They’re very different compared to my home university: the readings aren’t as long or as challenging to decipher; there is lots of non-compulsory class time; obviously the subject is different but I’ve found that there’s lots of crossing between what I’m studying in Sweden and what I study at home- perhaps that factor has helped me in understanding better than others who seem to struggle to grasp certain concepts.

I bought a contract for Malmo by Bike which is a company that allows you to rent city bikes situated throughout the city and rent them for up to an hour, you can then return the bike and select another one if you wish to. This makes travelling around really easy, the land is super flat here so cycling makes so much sense- plus it’s quicker than walking everywhere, not to mention healthier.

If I’m not in class I can usually be found in my bedroom watching Netflix on my laptop or on Facetime to my girlfriend. I have managed to work my way through seasons 2-5 of ‘Orange is the new Black‘, season 2 of ‘Disjointed‘, season 1 of ‘The end of the f**king world‘, seasons 2-5 of ‘Gilmore Girls’¬†as well as keeping up with ‘Riverdale‘, ‘The Flash‘, and ‘Arrow’.

Having written that out it’s the first time I have actually taken in and realised how much I have watched, and that’s just the TV series, I didn’t even mention the films I’ve watched… I think I’ll give that a miss.

That is pretty much my month first on exchange… how productive.

By Lesleyanne MacKay



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